About the Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce

Since it’s founding in 1935, the Spring Valley Chamber of Commerce has provided dedicated services to its members and to the community at large. The Chamber helps its members stay informed of local governmental activities on issues affecting the community. The Chamber works closely with other civic groups and public officials. It works to build public sentiment towards a solution to civic problems.

The Chamber of Commerce is an ideal referral service for businesses, with promotions provided through local directories, brochures and maps. In addition, the Chamber periodically sponsors mixers, where business owners, managers and employees have the opportunity to get together and network on a business-to-business basis. Hosted by a member business, these mixers have proven beneficial for members who attend.

A bi-monthly newsletter is provided to members, keeping them updated of events or issues that could affect their businesses. Any bonafide business, professional or individual may belong to the Chamber. There is no obligation, other than payment of dues and a willingness to serve when possible, to help build a better Spring Valley. Fund raising and membership dues are the main methods of funding for the Chamber.