Live and Work In Spring Valley

ImageSpring Valley is a community of rolling hills and countryside 17 miles East of San Diego. It is 481 feet above sea level, virtually smog free, and a 20-minute commute to downtown via Hwy 94.  As part of San Diego County, Spring Valley offers a close-by geography sharing a landscape of choices, from bayfront urban living to snow-dusted slopes in the rural backcountry in a mild climate influenced by ocean currents and abundant sunshine. Summer temperatures average 89 degrees and winter 61 degrees.

Spring Valley is the county's largest unincorporated community, yet offers a “small town flavor” to each of its residents.  Lifestyles range from apartment or town home residents to the urban professional, and on to those with larger properties for enjoying horses, livestock and rural community life.

Spring Valley looks to the County of San Diego for local services and governance. Neighbor to neighbor and community-wide, Spring Valley enjoys a long history of volunteerism and advocacy for its residents. Opportunities for participating and contributing to the community’s success abound, and it’s easy to get involved.  In addition to an array of national and international service clubs and interest groups, locally focused organizations such as the Spring Valley Citizens Association and the Spring Valley Youth & Family Coalition welcome involvement from anyone interested in helping this community thrive.  Grassroots support and community collaboration have been at the heart of many Spring Valley successes, including construction of a family health center and a beautiful new library.  Construction of a shared-use gymnasium and Teen center, was the result of close collaboration between the County of San Diego, La Mesa-Spring Valley School District, and community stakeholders.  The Spring Valley Community Center, which offers a range of services from senior adult lunches to a “Tiny Tot” school, is also the site of the Spring Valley “It’s How We Live!” healthy lifestyles fair, an annual event celebrating good health and a great community.