Housing / Climate / Education


Spring Valley holds the golden promise of becoming one of the most attractive residential areas in the country. It's miles of rolling hills, moderate climate and nearness to the Pacific Ocean, mountains, deserts and countryside, make it an ideal southern Californian community.

The average price for a three bedroom Spring Valley home is $650,000, although the range is from $300,000 to over $1 million, depending on the location, size and age of the home. Excellent buys are available on town homes and condominiums for those wishing their own home without the added costs of yard space and maintenance.

Apartments are available from studio size to large three bedroom units in various prices, depending again on location, size, age and amenities of the various apartment complexes. There are mobile home parks for families and seniors for very affordable living.


The climate in Spring Valley is an attraction in itself, with temperatures influenced by mild ocean currents and an abundance of sunshine. Summer temperatures average 89 degrees F, with winter temperatures averaging a comfortable 61 degrees F. Spring Valley is 481 feet above sea level and enjoys a smog free climate that offers a yearlong growing season. This temperate climate allows area producers to harvest citrus crops and other types of produce.


The students of Spring Valley reach for their future by attending one of the best school districts from elementary through high school, and then on to a community college right in their own backyard. Cuyamaca Community College offers full two-year courses in an attractive, peaceful setting with manageable class sizes. This gives students the best of opportunities, allowing them to take the necessary steps toward future career successes.